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300g Jacket with 3mm Spine

Gold Print with Gloss Varnish

140g Black Vinyl with Etched B-Side

4 Page Booklet Printed on 150g Art Paper

Limited to 300 Copies

Sepulchral Temple debut MLP out now via Iron Bonehead Productions
 Listen to it HERE




Death merchants:

-Iron Bonehead Productions (Ger)
-Supremacy Through Intolerance (Ger)
-Nuclear War Now! Productions (USA)
-Dark Descent (USA)
-Lunar Temple (Fin)
-Nuclear Winter Records (Gre)
-Anger Of Metal (Ger)
-World Terror Committee (Ger)
-FDA (Ger)
-Blasphemous Art Productions(Ita)
-Magister Dixit (Bel)
-Blood Harvest (Swe)


-N-C-U / Nachtgnosis (Ger)

-No Colours Records (Ger)

-Hellthrasher Records (Pol)

-Descending Towards Damnation (Fin)


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